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My Song, "Uphill Flutter," was used recently for a promotional segment in a documentary on community centers for employing the severely handicapped... Glad i could be of assistance in a video with a good message!

Back to normal in the music world, no more stuff that's "too weird." Kickin it off with a little Middle eastern themed tune i did a while back for an amigo of mine.
Shout out to and DB's checkin out my Channel!



2011-11-02 20:18:28 by ScarsRemain

Im bringing back a little project i worked on a while back, actually just one part of it, and trying to make a house beat out of it... we shall see how it goes


2011-10-21 20:00:56 by ScarsRemain

Well, in the spirit of halloween, I made a track for the haunted house in my community to play, amongst other things... I just added the project, so check it out!

hey hey hey

2011-09-29 21:59:35 by ScarsRemain

been workin on mastering and fixing some clipping issues with software and overall project maintenance... i'll have some new stuff up in a few weeks pending work!

new tracks coming up!

2011-08-24 17:18:03 by ScarsRemain

Over the next couple of days ill have a few more experimental songs coming out, branching from what i normally do, so be sure to check, rate, review and dl if you wanna use em!

The stalker....

2011-06-16 08:18:24 by ScarsRemain

So, someone has decided to devote everyday to voting zero (as told in messages) on all of my songs haha! (might make a stalker soundtrack for them i dunno)
I have just finished a simple little country song, and we'll see how the country fans out there like it, i dunno really how this one will turn out.
Check it out, vote, and have a nice day!

So i made a new audio track, not very pleased with it, but it was a test track i made from a free music program called Audacity ( a friend of mine wanted to hear something made from it so i posted it here). I really didn't like the set up of the software (it looked like i was using Paint compared to the majority of the software i used at the old radio station), and i just got frustrated and threw together what i had. Honestly, this is probably good stuff for patient people, but not really for me. I like to see the audio i'm mixing up. If you wanna try it, it's found at CNET, search for Audacity free download.

For me, i'm sticking to the old guns....

been screwin around with my stuff and it's not workin very well, takes waaaaay too many steps to do something that other programs do in one push of a button... so im on procrastination vacation for now lol

New Music Track!

2011-02-22 13:41:26 by ScarsRemain

Just added a new track, very different from what's usually uploaded by me, but i really like it, it's kinda chill, ok, very chill.
I made it for an amigo who wanted to read some poetry with a changing beat and big change from beginning to middle.
Check it out, rate, comment!

oh ya, it takes a while to pick up, so listen to the whole thing!